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Current research supports the "MANY" positive benefits children will experience from a properly tailored exercise program initiated at 7 or 8 yrs old. Here, my son executes a perfect squat at 8 yrs old. Wish I had a trainer at 8yrs old. Now, at 10yrs. old, my son is enjoying gymnastics as the team captain,  reaping the rewards of a very effective strength training program started quite young.
Vince Gironda, a trainer(in the 60's,70's & 80's etc.) used very effective techniques to stimulate lean body mass for men & women.Current research absolutely supports his techniques. Vince was also against the use of steroids. He utilized dietary manipulations that burned body fat.....quickly(systems I utilized effectively to strip all my bodyfat while competing). He also believed in the strength of "will power." I also believe in will power. With the right motivation and plan anyone can achieve their  own  physical perfection. Vince said "If you don't have will power,conjure it up". I agree...your limit is up to you.  I enjoy bringing people to their personal best. Here's Vince at 60.
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John Greene, First Place & Best Poser, 1992. Special thanks to the late Vinny Greco for all the help with contest preparation, stage presentation, posing and choreography. Vinny Greco's Powerhouse Gym was the best gym ever for individuals experimenting with lean mass & body fat manipulation. Powerhouse Gym was the "Think Tank for Bodybuilders & Powerlifters" where many great minds & bodies came together. This contest qualified me for the Nationals. And, after an 11yr. layoff I pulled off a 2nd in the Pro- AM Jr. Nationals in 2003 and a 4th  in the Pro-Am  America in 2003.....Naturally, of course.
Keith has been training at Greene's Gym for years and  exemplifies the benefits of strength training, yoga and cardiovascular conditioning combined.....The result; a very fit, active and healthy life. 
As an advanced skier & ski instructor, Jeff needs optimum core strength. Therefore, we utilize many different core strength builders. Today, push-ups are being combined with free squats & stiff leg deadlifts. Proprioception is also another component of Jeff's training program.Jeff is also living proof, that with proper training, muscles can be developed on a strict vegetarian diet. 
Binney, a life-long musician, is stronger now than ever before and has said his 40 pound amplifier is now "light as a feather" .....a testament to the core & over all strength gains he has achieved.
Ellen has been strength training and cardiovascular conditioning for years, with me. She has successfully maintained a healthy bodyweight and has enough strength & energy to be keep up with her very energetic grandchildren for hours.
​George doing a set on the rear deltoid machine. George trains regularly and has benefitted greatly from strength training with me over the past several years. Notice the musculature of his arm on the left picture. He started training with me around the age of 50 and has added lean mass instead of decreasing it over the last decade.
Derek Basiliere (Powerlifter) wrapping up 2012 wearing his newly aquired hardware......Nice Job Derek! Bring on 2013........
Bernie & Phyllis, owners of Bernie & Phyl's furniture
recognize the importance of regular exercise and have been training with me for several years.
2nd Place 2013 May Madness Powerlifting Meet
Greene's family visit, AUGUST 2013, to the legendary "Stern's Gym" California. The oldest continually running gym in the U.S. Since 1946.
Muscle Beach Venice, August 2013, family vacation.
STRENGTH TRAINING for SPORTS (children & adults)Enhance physical capabilities while decreasing injury potential with a properly tailored strength training program designed for your sport.