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SpecialtyCreating harder, stronger, shapelier bodies.....quickly!

HOME TRAINING TOO! Yes, I will come to your home and set up a program.

Personal Training Programs for:

-Increasing Overall Body Strength

-Increasing Lean Body Mass

-Increasing Core Strength  

-Improving Bone Density

-Decrease Body Fat


-Cardiovascular Conditioning

-Improving Flexibilty

-Improving Posture

-Improving Balance

-Body Hardening

-Sport Specific Programs

-Powerlifting/Strength Training


-Programs available for all ages & fitness levels from beginner to competitive athlete.

Eliza, shown here doing a set of lunges.

Eliza, shown here doing a set of lunges.


Sandy, Stoughton

I’ve been strength training with John Greene, for a little over a month with an emphasis on enhancing my bone density. After a fender bender in my car, I was instructed to take some photos of the damage. Much to my surprise, squatting down to take the pics was absolutely effortless. This was quite an observation, having only been training twice a week for a month. I can’t remember ever being comfortable in a squat. Let alone being able to hold the squatting position while taking photos.

Luisa, Canton

“Being an avid life long runner, I needed a strength training/muscle shaping program. After trying two other trainers for in home training, and not feeling satisfied, I called John Greene. After meeting John for the first training session, I knew that he was the guy. He knows exactly what he’s doing. It has worked out great. He knows just how much to train my muscles to get the response I need.” 

Sofia, Stoughton

"I continue to reap unexpected benefits from my workouts with John. Aside from finally getting out of bed without daily back pain, I recently had to get over a wall that was 4-feet high (w/no stool and I'm barely 5 feet tall) and make it across and underneath my pool in a squatting position to the other side to retrieve pool cleaning gear. I did it with relative ease. Just now, I proudly rejected help at the liquor store lifting heavy cases of champagne into my car. Thanks John Greene"

Tom, Stoughton

"Before I met John Greene, I trained for a year with another trainer. During that year, I constantly had to wear an elbow brace, because of elbow pain. But, within a month training with John Greene, I got rid of the brace. In hind-site, the elbow pain was because the workouts with the old trainer were redundant, and caused overuse irritation/pain. Thankfully, John Greene never follows repetitive workouts. Therefore, within weeks of training with John, I could retire my elbow brace. No more elbow pain....Its was GREAT! Now I can train hard without pain."

Anuj, Canton

"After failing the Army Physical Fitness Test 3-times, I finally passed the test after hiring John Greene to help me prepare. In less than 6-weeks he had me ready."


Marci, Canton

"I just added a third workout per week with John, to work on my punching technique. In addition to my 2-muscle shaping sessions per week.....His gym is equipped for this too. Heavy bag, double hung bag, speed bag etc.....unbelievable gym."

Annie, Sharon

"Before I started with John Greene, I was concerned I couldn't work with any personal trainer. I don't care for regimented exercise. As it turns out, I have enjoyed working with John very much. With his amiable encouragement and professionalism, he makes each challenging workout go by quickly."


Chris & family, Randolph

"I've trained with trainers before, but the difference in training with John is like night and day. My whole family trains as a small group and every workout is setup differently & specifically for each of my four family members. It's great."


Jill, from Easton

"I've noticed that my muscles are responding better from one intense full body workout per week with John, than they did in the past from multiple workouts per week."

Jill, executing a set of lying cable tricep extensions

Jill, executing a set of lying cable tricep extensions

Eugene, from Brockton

"John Greene he my personal TRAINER wow he's got to be Arnold Schwarzenegger twin brother the mans body is ripped I hope one day I get the same body as John Greene I like style of training Im an ex boxer from goodie Petronelli when goodie petronelli died I didnt want to box any more I went lifting at TGA fitness on Manley Street then there was a sign there that says John Greene then thats when I decided I needed a personal trainer John Green is awesome personal trainer"


Laura, from Stoughton

"I've trained with other trainers before and always ended up with tweaks and or little injuries...That's never happened with John Greene. He's extraordinarily careful, calculating and methodical in his approach, which is awesome."


Doug, from Randolph

"The man who really gives you results. John's the best in the business. And yes I'm one of his trainees."


Fredley, Sharon

"I put on some summer clothes today and I look really toned. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Fredley, doing overhead machine presses

Fredley, doing overhead machine presses



Kristin, Stoughton

"Train with John!! He Gets results!!! I'm living proof! He helped me lose 70lbs and keep it off with a lifestyle change that is easy to keep with".


Lois, from Sharon

"I hit the age 50, with a slouch, an achy back and no upper body strength. Training with John has transformed me! No more back pain, no more slouching, and I am stronger than I ever dreamed I could be."

Lois, executing Lunges..

Lois, executing Lunges..


Barbara, from Randolph

"I can see why you get so much praise on line."



"Down 45lbs, workout results per your tutelage, John Greene. I couldn't have accomplished it without your help."

Rhonda, Pre-45lb weight loss, doing "suspension strap" push ups

Rhonda, Pre-45lb weight loss, doing "suspension strap" push ups

Rhonda, after 45lb weight loss

Rhonda, after 45lb weight loss


Derek Gaultier, from Easton

"I have been going to Johns gym now for six months and its an absolute pleasure. The personal one on one training you receive cannot be matched in the bigger gyms. He takes what he does very, very seriously and runs a spotless operation. He helped me shave off over a minute on my mile times in a short amount of time. John is a great family man as well. You cannot miss choosing John as your personal trainer."


Keith, from Bridgewater

"I have worked with many personal trainers over the years, and none are better than John. John takes the time to know his clients, and works their programs to get optimum results. He keeps the workouts challenging, is professional, knowledgeable, and personable. Thanks to John, at age 66, I am in the best shape of my life! If anyone is looking for the best in personal trainers, John is the person to go to."

Keith, doing a unique version of a Pulldown Exercise with the ropes, working much of the upper body musculature. Keith, incredibly conditioned at 66yrs old, has been training with me for 15yrs.

Keith, doing a unique version of a Pulldown Exercise with the ropes, working much of the upper body musculature. Keith, incredibly conditioned at 66yrs old, has been training with me for 15yrs.

Kristin Colp-Khang

"Amazing personal trainer!!"


Lois Darr

"Thank you John. I couldn't do dishes without my back aching....since training with you, no more back pain."


Mary, from Sharon

"Whatever your goals and/or challenges are John will give you the personal attention you seek. John defines "Personal" in Personal Trainer!"


Melanie, Washington DC

"I'm getting married in six months and I wish I was up there training with you again. Best I ever looked and felt in my life!!"


Kristen, Brockton

"John knows his stuff!! Very personable, clean gym, organized, punctual.

He knows his stuff and makes it easy for you to push yourself more than ever before.

....Tell him you want him to kick your butt, and he will make sure to do it.

Works around injuries, takes notes to accommodate any special conditions.

I have worked with him for a month and a half and intend to continue."

Claudette, working her chest muscles using the pec-dec machine

Claudette, working her chest muscles using the pec-dec machine

Roz, from Sharon

"I've been training with John for many years and with one strength training workout per week have maintained wonderful strength, bone density, posture and can easily do 30 perfect pushups at any time. Also, while my son was a teen and worked with John, my son adopted some very effective nutritional techniques and has successfully stayed slim for over 13 years. Roz."


Alex, from Sharon

"John is an excellent personal trainer. He will motivate you to succeed, and his love for what he does is apparent the minute you walk into his studio. John will help you build a plan of attack whether your goal is weight loss or strength training. He brings his extensive experience as a personal trainer and his knowledge of exercise science to the table and understands that motivation and nutrition are equal to exercise when it comes to strengthening your body and becoming a healthier individual. Both myself and family members have worked with John extensively and I would recommend him to anyone focused on getting results."


Michelle, from Weymouth

"(Smiling) Down 16 pounds! Have more energy~feeling great! Thanks very much John Greene."


Rhonda, from Randolph

"I shoveled snow for the first time without any after effect back pain!!! It's the workout."


Kathy, from Brockton

"I'M ABSOLUTELY PSYCHED!!! I'm out of the diabetic range....My A1C went from over 10 to 5.4 in 3 months....BAMMMMM!" Kathy


Derek Basiliere, from Stoughton

"Jon Greene is an awesome trainer. When I first met Jon over a year ago I was powerlifting for a couple of years with trainers and my results were not great so anyway I met with Jon and within five minutes of talking to him I knew he knew his stuff so after training with him for a while I started getting results like never before I looked great my powerlifting numbers were through the roof it was awesome and keeps getting better also he is a great guy and he really cares about his clients"

Derek's first place powerlifting trophy.....one of many!

Derek's first place powerlifting trophy.....one of many!


Greg Decristofaro, from Taunton

"John has been training my mother for several years. He is knowledgeable and up to date on training techniques and philosophies. He is extremely personable and understands that the training is as much mental as it is physical. He helped her get in shape for my wedding and she looked amazing. People at the gym always approach me saying how good she looks from working with him. After a car accident a few years ago, her recovery time was expedited tremendously due to her being in great shape. I recommend John to anyone who is looking to improve their health and well being."


George Smart, from Quincy

"My husband and I have been training with John for the past ten years. John has a gym and also does house calls(we alternate between his gym and our house). John is respectful of our limits but pushes us as well, when he knows we can do more. I highly recommend him, both for people that are just starting out and wanting to get in shape and for older adults like ourselves who want to stay healthy and happy for as long as possible. Though straight, John is very gay friendly and has a great sense of humor."


Eddie Colbeth, California

"John isn't just great at motivating his clients and helping them get into shape, he has a BS in Exercise Science and over 25years experience. If you want to get into shape and haven't been able to do it on your own, John is the person you need to be successful. John is patient and attentive, he listens and designs workouts that will help you meet your goals. He helped me get in shape when I lived on the east coast. Whether you're an athlete in training or you just want to be in better health, give John a call."


Kristin, from Stoughton

"With the help of John Greene, I am so proud to say I have lost 35 pounds since February! I only have 15 more lbs to go for my goal for 2013. If you are in the Stoughton area, check him out. He gets results!!"


Derek, from Easton

"I just ran the 4k on July fourth, here in York, Me...And, I shaved 4-minutes off from my time last year! Thanks for all your help, John. See you next week."


Kristin, from Stoughton

"Down 25 lbs, aiming for another 25 by the end of the year. Thanks to John Greene for making it happen."


Jim, from Canton

"I recently had a hip surgery and a long story short, I needed to develop my upper body due to a long period of inactivity. I hired John and was pleasantly surprised with the training he gave me at my home due to my inability to travel. It's good to know he has a full operable gym also. He is easy to work with but gets the most out of you. I would definitely recommend him." Jim Mandell

(Unfortunately Jim has passed away. I enjoyed working with Jim and was saddened to hear this news.)


Kristin, from Stoughton

"Thank you John Greene!! On my way to reaching my goal. I'm feeling so much more energy and the fat is melting away! Lost 9.5lbs in the 6 weeks that I've been working with him! Woohoo!-feeling determined."
























The Introductory offer gives you a chance to meet John Greene and check out Greene's Gym and experience (3) 1-hr training sessions. During the introductory, John will evaluate your current condition, analyze and discuss your fitness objectives, then design an appropriate program to get you started and focused on your own individual fitness quest. 

 John Greene "DOES NOT" require a long term contract and does not find the need to ask for credit card accounts or bank accounts. There's no need. Please notice too, there is "NO" link for credit cards on this site. The reason; in a culture loaded with snake-oil salesmen, John wants potential clients to critically think about their fitness objectives and be truly ready to start a methodical, properly tailored fitness plan. Not make an impulse purchase they're not ready to make..   











The main reason to train with John is to get focused, get motivated and have John analyze your current state and develop a personalized exercise program designed to meet, as quickly as possible, your specific fitness objective. With over 25 yrs experience designing personalized programs, he will be sure to deliver. Another tremendous benefit training with John, is his gym. It's offers 100% private training and is stocked full of personally hand picked machines, weights, cables and other exercise/training equipment which will accommodate beginners programs to pro athletes programs....come see, you will really like and appreciate it.  In addition, John will do home visits.  

Men, women and teens seeking improved fitness/conditioning levels will benefit with increased strength, muscle definition, flexibility and bone density while decreasing body fat using the training techniques I have studied, experimented with and used with clients(for over 25 yrs) from 8 yrs old up to over 90 yrs old. Call for references.

A Little History:

As a skinny pre-teen my original interest in strength training was to become more muscular. In my early twenties after developing some quality muscles I was inspired by a friend to try a natural bodybuilding contest. Eventually, I made it to the national level while realizing most of the top guys were using steroids...This, created a real motivation to study and learn as much as possible about manipulating muscle and body fat without the use of drugs...after all, the steroid route is very short lived and my most important objective is to live a long and health life, while being very fit and healthy.  

By continuing to compete while experimenting with multiple ways to develop, harden and create an aesthetic physique naturally, I learned many effective methods of body shaping and body fat stripping while maintaining muscle mass. This can be tricky, as much hard earned muscle can waste rather quickly with the wrong combination of diet and exercise,

With all the patience and determination it took to learn the best preparation for competing in physique shows while feverishly collecting information and results from each contest, then studying for and acquiring a Bachelor Degree in Exercise Science, I have collected a wonderful culmination of knowledge and patience to successfully help people frustrated with their current body composition.

I now have an extraordinary array of tools, ideas and options for people who are serious about changing their body composition and appearance.

Now, 25 years after starting my personal training business, I have helped THOUSANDS of people achieve a nice, hard muscular (tone) body.

My programs are very effective without the use of supplements, steroids or gimmicks.

TRY ME!!!  INTRODUCTORY OFFER 3-SESSIONS FOR $109. It may be all you need...